Peckermint Bark

Serves 8 to 10



· 12 ounces white chocolate

· 12 ounces dark chocolate

· 1⁄2 cup crushed peppermint candy



Start by melting the dark chocolate and spooning it onto the parchment paper in the shape of your dream peen. We want these to fit in your mouth easily so try to make sure they’re only 1/3 of an inch thick. Melt the white chocolate and big-spoon it on top of the still-wet dark chocolate. Try to make this layer the same girth as the first. While the chocolate is still flaccid, sprinkle the candy on to pepper your peckers. 

Let the peens get nice and hard in your refrigerator for 2 hours. Peel the candy away from the parchment paper and give them to all of your friends (and family, if they’re down with that). If you live in a warm place, store the peckermint bark in the refrigerator. Or don’t, and let it melt on your favorite places for someone to lick off!