"we have to admit, the dishes look surprisingly Instagrammable."

From the article: 'A blog dedicated entirely to penis-shaped food exists, FYI'



"All recipes, sweet and savoury, are vegetarian and come with their own special little touch (a dick: the special touch is a dick)."

From the article: 'Peen Cuisine's Dick-Shaped Food Portraits Are Everything'


"Ever felt stumped because someone told you to “go eat a dick”? Thankfully, there’s an entire food blog dedicated to fixing your dilemma."

From the article: 'Naughty Recipes That Aren’t Too Hard For Any Tom, Dick, Or Harry To Follow'



"There’s a new food blog on the block that’s trying to class up dong-shaped foods for the better, and it is an absolute delight."

From the article: ‘Peen Cuisine’ is a food blog where all the food is a very interesting shape'



"We present you the perfect food for the perfect bachelorette party. Forget the dick-shaped ice cubes, you've gotta have these penis-shaped meals to party like a real bachelorette."

From the article: 'Peen Cuisine Vegetarian Food Blog With a Twist'



"It’s cheeky and it’s charming, and a definite twist from regular cooking blogs."

From the article: 'Peen Cuisine Is The Cooking Blog That Will Remind You Of A *Certain* Body Part'